We believe developing people, processes and products in an inspiring space, with inspiring people, will lead to a global shift in our ability to sustainably manufacture more of our world from glass and glass-like products.

Individuals or organisations should choose to become members of Glass Futures because they share these values.

As a community, Glass Futures is generating a new form of collaboration across the entire supply chain for glass, in looking at the extended value chain, to identify the best ways to benefit members, the environment and people.

Our globally unique open-access R&D facility is at the heart of creating an inspiring approach to changing energy intensive industries and allows us to demonstrate complex and ground breaking developments in a safe, well controlled environment.

The commonalities that glass shares with other foundation industries such as ceramics, steel and cement mean that our membership is not only open to the glass sector but also to any member who may benefit from the research,  innovation and community building that we do.

Our Members


People talk, be part of the conversation

Show the world you have helped create a unique place where heavy industry, academia and different generations come together

Bring your staff and customers to an inspiring space that they won’t forget

Visibly face the challenges of the day with other partners facing similar challenges

Steer Glass Futures, together

Steer our investment in people, technology and research, to benefit your business

Prioritise our R&D direction and expertise

Propose and vote on collaborative projects

Be invited into private projects with other members

Co-create our training and development programmes to suit your needs

Technology focused, results driven

Input to and benefit from our technology strategy, where your effort is amplified by collaboration

Access and connect with leading experts to gain the best knowledge from across sectors

Gain first mover advantage on technology developments


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