Diageo announces funding to accelerate the decarbonisation of the glass industry in North America and India

Diageo's seed investment for Glass Futures' expansion into North America and India is an example of Diageo's continued investment into new technology and partnerships as it works towards its 2030 ESG targets.

Diageo will be providing seed funding to enable the expansion of Glass Futures activities into North America and India, two of Diageo's largest markets, to accelerate the decarbonisation of the glass industry internationally. Glass Futures, a leading glass research and technology organisation, is exploring the most effective routes to decarbonise the glass industry in partnership with Diageo.

Equipped with this additional funding, Glass Futures will be able to explore new technologies and system-wide approaches which will pave the way to further reduce glass carbon emissions in these two important markets.

Glass is a recyclable product, but reducing the carbon footprint of its production remains an industry-wide challenge with the pace of technology change and lack of renewable energy availability and infrastructure. Diageo has supported Glass Futures from concept and is the first brand partner to become a strategic member.

Andy Griffiths, Head of Sustainable Procurement at Diageo said: "We're looking forward to expanding our partnership with Glass Futures into North America and India to look into lower-carbon glass production. This is key for the success of Diageo's and the wider glass industry's decarbonisation efforts. Partnering on innovative approaches is vital to making a net zero world a reality, and we are hopeful that this collaboration will bring great results in other markets going forward."

The partnership has already unlocked significant results in the UK. In 2021, Glass Futures, Diageo and Encirc trialed the use of waste-based biofuel powered furnaces for Diageo's Black & White Scotch whisky brand. This reduced the carbon footprint of the bottle making process by up to 90%.

Hallam Wheatley, Collaboration Lead at Glass Futures said: "Diageo's support from the very beginning has engendered many successes to date and manifested in Diageo becoming the first brand partner to sign onto our new level of Strategic membership.

"The need to accelerate international decarbonisation and a circular economy across the entire packaging supply chain has resulted in Diageo's investment over the next two years for further outreach into North America and India. Glass Futures' in-house expertise, cross sector working and unique networks across the glass supply chain is key to increasing glass circularity for the global industry."

Diageo's seed investment for Glass Futures' expansion into North America and India is an example of Diageo's continued investment into new technology and partnerships as it works towards its 2030 ESG targets. The outcomes of Diageo's partnership with Glass Futures will contribute toward Diageo's goal of reducing Scope 3 carbon emissions by 50% (against its 2020 baseline).

Published: 16-01-2024

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