A global centre of excellence for glass


Glass Futures will provide training and development, leading-edge R&D, innovation, technology incubation and implementation, training and up-skilling. It will host a fully functional 30 tonnes per day glass production facility openly available for both academic and industrial experimentation, training and development and even short commercial production runs.  Glass Futures is working with both Industrial and Academic partners across the Liverpool to Hull corridor and have located two locations for our centres of excellence. 

our facility

Furnace 2.jpg
  • The world’s first openly-accessible, commercially available and multi-disciplinary glass melting facility.

  • It will provide a real-time test-bed for subscribing members and paying clients.

  • It will host a virtual reality glass production emulation facility for safe-environment testing and trials, and alongside this a material and process research facility will be housed.

  • A core apprenticeship and general up-skilling and training centre for the glass community will be incorporated across the site.

  • All training provision is designed with a central government support element built-in and will be operated in a similar way as current “Catapult Centres” like the ARMC and MTC, and will be a commercially sustainable.

Our aim is to create an internationally recognised centre of excellence in the field of glass which will attract a global client base to utilise the unique and state of the art facilities. 

Specialist training for the glass industry

The facility will deliver learning across the spectrum, from technical through to commercial and managerial, providing a unique platform for skill development. This will include:

  • standard vocational learning e.g. IOSH

  • apprenticeships

  • life-long learning

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