Representatives from the UK and international glass industry met on 28 February 2019 at the World of Glass Museum in St Helen’s to discuss the next steps for Glass Futures. 

The proposed St Helens site will focus on the ‘hot’ side of glass production, with a large experimental glass furnace capable of producing 30 tonnes per day for windows, bottles or fibre glass. Research there would concentrate on raw materials and alternative energy sources to reduce carbon and other emissions by over 80 per cent.

The project has the support of St Helen’s Borough Council and its Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham, who said “G!ass Futures is an internationally significant industrial innovation project which aims to increase the productivity of the glass industry while reducing its carbon impact. It’s a `win, win, win’ project with innovation benefits, environmental benefits and high-Value jobs.”

Councillor Derek Long – Leader of St Helen’s Council said:

St Helen’s was once the center for industrial innovation in the UK and it is our ambition to be such a center again. Bringing a nationally important industrial innovation facility to the borough is hugely exciting. I’ve personally had very positive discussions with government officials and this is a very’, very real prospect for the borough