The concept of establishing a Global Center of Excellence for the Glass Industry has been well received by the industry, academia and other interested parties.  Recent announcements and publications have led to a broadening of the scope of the initial concept to accommodate the needs of the supply chain from raw materials through the manufacturing processes and to the final glass products. 
At the heart of the Glass Futures site will be a 30MT per day oxyfired furnace supplying glass for the production of containers with the flexibility to use alternative forming equipment.  Other sectors of the industry, such as float, fibre and tableware, will also benefit from the flexibility of the furnace as a useful test bed for ancillary equipment. 
Much interest has been generated for R & D in special glass compositions for a wide range of uses such as in medical and optical applications resulting in the need for more laboratory facilities.  Additional resources are also likely to be required to support added value operations, especially for the float glass sector which may require additional space for developing fenestration, particularly coatings and laminates. 
As a consequence, the Advisory Board of Glass Futures has concluded that the facility footprint required is significantly greater than that available at the Magna site and the search for an appropriate site is now underway.  Facility design, equipment specifications and sourcing will continue with the objective of commissioning the facility by Q42018. 
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