Glass Futures’ latest opportunity to showcase your newest technologies, R&D and training at the Global Centre of Excellence

Open call for an IS machine supplier to partner with Glass Futures in the development of innovative technologies for the glass sector. This is a great opportunity to support the industry, showcase your machinery and demonstrate the latest glass container forming technology at our pilot facility, St Helens, UK for R&D, innovation and training.


  • Showcase equipment in the world’s first open-access glass R&D centre 
  • Provide on-site training – both classroom & practical (under glass)
  • Carry out further research & development under glass
  • Trial unprecedented container technologies on an active production line
  • Market new developments to a globally recognised audience
  • Use our open access facility to network with the Glass Industry and supply chain

If you are interested and would like to find out more information please contact:

Glass Futures is working to create a world-first Global Centre of Excellence, an experimental research and development (R&D) and training glass facility, with the long-term goal of making glass the low carbon material of choice.

Our goal is to accelerate innovation within global glass manufacturing by delivering and supporting new technologies, enabling world class training and demonstrating new resource-efficient processes. This new facility will bridge the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) gap between research and commercial implementation. Towards this goal Glass Futures has successfully been awarded over £15m of capital funding from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), £7.1m to investigate low carbon fuels for the glass industry from the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), £9m towards development gap funding from the Liverpool Combined Authority and significant amounts of private and industry led investment to match this funding commitment from the public sector.

The Glass Futures site will have full plant utilities and services to enable research at a commercially viable scale. In order to achieve this, Glass Futures, a not-for-profit Research and Technology Organisation (RTO), are operating a membership scheme with industry partners, academics and other research organisations, and suppliers for a collaborative approach. Glass Futures will use the facility to provide a platform for training and development to inspire a sustainable and productive global glass industry.

Our membership is focused on the global glass supply chain and as such has seen a number of major multinational organisations participating, garnering excellent growth in the past 2 years. The work of Glass Futures also has begun to look at other similar industries such as Steel and Ceramics, where the challenges and opportunities are very similar.